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Disruptive Films
Disruptive Films: The Last Course

Disruptive Films, The Last Course

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If you could invite all the men you've had sex with to the same dinner party, what would you do to them? You get to experience a fantasy with James Montgomery in The Last Course. James disappeared from public view over a year ago, but his legacy still impacts the six men he spent his life with. When they each receive a mysterious invitation in the mail, they have no idea that they are about to embark on a twisted journey to reunite with the man they all think they know.

Scene 1: The Last Course Act 1

Cast: Lance Hart, Trevor Harris, Dakota Payne, Chris Damned, Johnny Hunter

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

Brad (Michael Del Ray) is unsure why he received a cryptic invitation to a mysterious house. Because the whole situation is veiled in secrecy, he thinks he's going on a reality television show. Upon arrival, Brad is greeted by a Maitre D (Lance Hart) who asks for his invitation and his cell phone. Brad is reluctant to give his phone up. He's supposed to check in with his husband once he's inside. Despite his reservations, Brad is intent on winning the prize if he is in fact on a reality show, and he gives up his phone.

The next guests to arrive at the puzzling party are power couple Toby (Michael Boston) and Robert. Being high strung, Toby is annoyed that they're attending an event without information and Robert tries to soothe his lover's frayed nerves. Brad approaches the couple and tells them his theory about the dinner party being a game show. After all, they were all flown across the country and put up in hotels for the evening. Attempting to piece together the significance of the dinner, the men discuss how they could all be connected.

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

As they brainstorm, Toby notices a very familiar painting on the wall. It was a one-of-a-kind piece owned by his ex-boyfriend, James Montgomery (Johnny Ford). Once he mentions James's name, Brad says he knows a guy named James Montgomery too. He was his first fuck when they were eighteen. Brad tells the story of their steamy encounter, and we're treated to a first-hand look at their virginal romp via Younger Brad (Trevor Harris) and Younger James (Johnny Hunter).

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

Once Brad finishes telling his story, the guys mill around the party. Brad is satisfied in knowing the link as new guests arrive. As soon as Brad sees Sebastian (Chris Damned), he asks if he knows James Montogmery. Unwilling to engage with the question, Sebastian walks away. Brad tries again, calling to a mysterious man lurking in the yard. The man ignores him too. Lucky for Brad, Kenny (Dakota Payne) joins the party and he's more than willing to talk, much to Toby's chagrin. Kenny is a party boy and Toby accuses him of sleeping with his then boyfriend James while they were still together. Kenny is unfazed by Toby's accusations and goes for a dip in the pool. Liking what he sees, Sebastian approaches Kenny. Kenny recognizes Sebastian as a man-for-hire and Sebastian offers Kenny a taste...for free. Sebastian and Kenny sneak off to a walk in closet for a little oral fun.

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

After they have sex, Sebasitan and Kenny join the rest of the guests at the dinner table, where the Maitre D is serving dinner. Brad tells the Maitre D that they have it all figured out and that James is the host. Robert and Toby ask if they can hurry the evening along now that they know. No dice. The Maitre D tells them all will be revealed soon enough.

Scene 2: The Last Course Act 2

Cast: Johnny Ford, Lance Hart, Dante Colle, Jim Fit

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

Still convinced they're on a reality game show, Brad (Michael Del Ray) attempts to get to know the quiet man sitting across the table from him at the mysterious dinner. Though the man isn't willing to speak, his name tag tells the dinner guests that his name is Scott (Dante Colle). After presenting the first course, the Maitre D places a metal suitcase at the end of the table. Being a boisterous baddie, Kenny (Dakota Payne) tries to jimmy it open. Brad tells him not to cheat and that he wants to do it the right way so hopefully they'll all actually walk away with a prize. Kenny reluctantly agrees and sits back down to tell the rest of the guests about the strange things he and Sebastian (Chris Damned) saw when they snuck away to suck dick.

The strait-laced Toby is disgusted by Kenny and Sebastian's behavior and he asks how Sebastian knows their supposed host James (Johnny Ford). Kenny fills them in on Sebastian's profession and Toby instantly judges Sebastian, telling him that he needs to repent. Still focused on the mystery, Brad asks Sebastian if there were any indicators of what was going on with James the last time Sebastian saw him. There were, but Sebastian doesn't mention what happened on their very bizarre last encounter. He just informs the table that James is 'fucking weird.'

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

The guests continue to talk about their connections to James. Brad was his first time. Toby dated him for six years, and just as Brad asks Robert, dinner is served. Saved by the salmon! Kenny interjects his own sordid story with James which angers Toby, who doesn't want to hear about his ex-boyfriend's romp with the raunchy guy. Toby and James met in church. Their love was pure, or at least Toby's was. A flashback shows that James was less than loyal to his man at the time and managed to bed their friend Robert (Jim Fit) while Toby was in the shower. Some things are better left unsaid.

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

Brad focuses on trying to get Scott to open up and Scott is hostile in response. Brad attempts to calm everything down and Scott finally breaks, blurting that James Montgomery is a 'sick piece of shit.' Scott explains how he knows James and how awful things turned out between them. The dinner guests are reeling from Scott's revelations. Brad is finally losing his cool. He doesn't like how things are going. He didn't sign up for this! As soon as he stands up from the table, the Maitre D leads him back to his seat. It's time for the last course. Brad tells the guys that something's wrong right as James enters the room. He's using a cane, and he looks sick. He sits at the head of the table and thanks his guests for coming.

Now, they want to know why they're there.

Scene 3: The Last Course Act 3

Cast: Johnny Ford, Dakota Payne, Michael Boston, Chris Damned, Michael Del Ray, Dante Colle, Lance Hart, Jim Fit

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

Since James is finally at the dinner, some questions can be answered. But not before Toby reems James out for inviting him to a dinner with a bunch of deviants. James is tender toward his ex-boyfriend, though he has more pressing matters on his mind. He invited them all to the house, because they've all had sex with him, and he needs to come clean.

He knows he didn't treat people right and because of his condition, James is on a new, righteous path. He wants to right his wrongs.

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

When Brad asks what they're doing there, James reveals the contents of the suitcase. All the men are floored by its contents. Once they process the pages that lay in front of them, James explains that he wants to thank each of them for making him the man he is today. He just has one last request for them, and it includes hot sex and a lot of cum. Being the upstanding citizens that they are, the men oblige James. It's only right.

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae

After the orgy, the evening takes a tumultuous turn, one that the guests could have never expected and that James has meticulously planned.

Disruptive Films, The Last Coursae
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Additional Information

Categories: Hardcore, Anal Sex, Ass to mouth, Oral, Cum swallow, Deep throat, Facial, Brunette, Hairy, Tattoo/Piercing, Bareback, Big Dick, Uniform, Masturbation, Ass Play, Straight Men, Rimming, Climax, HD Movies, Gay Porn, Caucasian, Smooth, Muscular, Jerking off, Blowjob, Reality, Kissing, Creeper, Cumshot, Humiliation, Officer, Pervert, Reluctance

Running Time: 103 mins, Year: 2021

Price: Around 31*

Starring: Johnny Ford, Dakota Payne, Michael Boston, Chris Damned, Michael Del Ray, Dante Colle, Lance Hart, Jim Fit

Director: Bree Mills

Studio: Disruptive Films

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Country: USA, Language: English

Additional info: No Regional Coding


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